Work hard, sweat, laugh and do more for your health and general well being than you ever imagined possible, with us at Hot Yoga Epsom.

At Hot Yoga Epsom we teach a classic 26 & 2 hot hatha yoga series, which when practised regularly, will systematically work your whole body – burning calories, losing weight, improving muscle tone and strength and reducing stress levels to restore a sense of health and wellbeing. No matter your age, shape or level of physical fitness, this yoga is for you.


Some of the benefits of Hatha yoga include toning and strengthening all major muscle groups; improve strength and stamina, promote weight loss, provide a total body workout and much more.


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Stillness, Focus & Breath

Picture the scene, it is 8:30pm, you are surrounded by 20-30 sweaty men and women wearing little more than a belt and bra and you’ve just finished the warm-up series of your evening Bikram Yoga class. Your mind is going bat-shit crazy and your heart could, at any moment, burst through your chest ‘Alien’ style. […]

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Very welcoming to newcomers and a very inexperienced yoga participant.



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